File Statement of Use

Statement of Use

A statement of use must include the following:

  • Evidence of use in each class;
  • Dates of use anywhere;
  • Dates of Use in the United States;

An additional fee is payable at this time as well.

Examination by PTO

Examination by the PTO

Currently, the initial examination process by the PTO takes between four and six months.

Office Action

Office Action

If the PTO has any issues with the application then an official issues. The applicant then has six months to submit a response to the application for further review. This process can occur several times before the application is either approved or definitively denied. Click to see a flowchart of the office action process.

Statement Approved?

Is the Statement of Use Approved?

If the PTO has any issues with the statement they will issue an office action. The applicant then has the opportunity to submit a response for further review. If the applicant chooses not to respond, the application will be denied.

Flowchart Legend